Help! I made an order with both shirts and stickers, but when I opened my package, only shirts/stickers were inside!

Don't worry, stickers are always shipped separately because whenever they're shipped together, there's like a 50% chance of them arriving bent.


Size guide details

Most clothing items have a size guide in the description or as one of the images. Due to the nature of fabric expanding and shrinking due to countless potential externalities such as temperature, stretching, and shrinking in washing - the measurements on the size guide should be presumed to have around 2 inches in variation in either direction.


Why has my item not shipped?

Due to postal delays caused by COVID-19, your order may be stuck at the post office for longer than expected. I can assure you that if I could go down to the post office and load your order onto the truck myself, I would. We're all in this mess together, bear with me.