About SpaceDogLaika

About SpaceDogLaika

SpaceDogLaika is a clothing and accessories store with a focus on radical Marxist politics and historical events that are still relevant today.

There is only one employee, and it's me. I designed pretty much all of the items, I answer all of the emails, I respond to all of the comments, and I handle all the questions, comments, and concerns - so bear with me, I can't afford a professional writer for this.

Capitalist cultural hegemony seems inescapable at times. I see shirts, stickers, and buttons everywhere that are right-wing or liberal, but I rarely see anything that's unabashedly leftist. Maybe some of these designs could help you recognize other comrades out in the world. Maybe it'll piss off your conservative family and ruin Thanksgiving. I believe that showing off radical leftist slogans, art, and ideas can help to normalize them or start a, hopefully productive, conversation.

I designed a vast majority of the designs here, the remainder of which are designs from either guest artists or historical artwork such as Soviet propaganda posters that I generally spend hours retracing, recoloring, and refinishing to make them acceptable on the gigantic resolutions necessary for printing.

I started SpaceDogLaika in 2019, selling Print-On-Demand designs on Redbubble before expanding to other websites. Eventually, a lot of these websites I was selling on grew intolerant of provocative left-wing artwork - so here I am.

Initially, the money made from my designs helped to fund my college degree and medical bills, however, as SpaceDogLaika has continued to grow and expand, more and more of the proceeds now contribute to left-wing organizations, both within my local area and all across the world. As a general rule, if a design is inspired by a real, currently existing organization, proceeds go towards that organization. I plan on creating a page on this website that shows exactly what goes where, but I'm still figuring it out on the programming side at the moment.

Furthermore, while you're still here reading this, wearing a leftist shirt is not a substitute for organizing. Join DSA or PSL or SRA or the IWW or unionize.